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Gold Medal Fiction

Friday is the first day of the 31st Olympic Games, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This year’s Olympics will feature 306 events in 28 sports and will be the site of many triumphant wins – and many heartbreaking losses. Let’s look at three novels that feature the Olympics.

the peerless four 

The Peerless FourVictoria Patterson

 It’s hard to imagine, but the 1928 Olympics, held in Amsterdam, was the first year that women were allowed to compete, and only on a trial basis. The Peerless Four follows the Canadian women’s track and field team as they face the trials and tribulations of any Olympic athlete, with one big difference – the future of women’s participation in the Olympics rests in their hands. Not just a book about sports, The Peerless Four is an inspirational tale about women’s rights and the power of perseverance.




GoldChris Cleave

On the eve of the 2012 London Olympics, two lifelong friends and rivals compete for the last spot on the women’s cycling team. Kate and Zoe are cyclists who have gone through hell together and now are vying for their last chance to compete. Each woman has gone through hardships and sacrificed much to make it this far. But who will be the victor? And what will remain once the games are over?




The Bone CageAngie Abdou

The Bone Cage follows two Olympic athletes as they battle to win the gold. Sadie is a speed swimmer. Digger is a wrestler weighing in at 85 kilos. Each is nearing the end of their career, and each knows that the next Olympic Games could be their last. The Bone Cage is the story of their unlikely relationship, the gruelling costs of competition, and a glimpse into the often-unforgiving world of sports.  


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