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Newton's apple

book cover image: Newton's apple and other myths about science

Ronald L. Numbers and Kostas Kampourakis have joined together to create Newton's apple and other myths about science which covers a total of 27 topics that are generally, and they claim, mistakenly believed by many people.  The authors provide a clearer picture of great scientific breakthroughs from ancient times to the present.  Some of the myths refuted are the idea that no science was done in the Dark Ages, modern day myths about particle physics and, my favourite chapter, that a bright line can be drawn between legitimate science and pseudoscience. Completely debunking the widespread belief that science is a "Eureka" moment these two writers will amaze, educate, inform and entertain you through the history and evolution of science. Each one of the twenty seven chapters deals with a specific myth or misconception so you can read start to finish or pick the myth that most interests you and read it first.  Great reading on material that is fun to think about.