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The dog merchants

book cover image: the dog merchants

As a dog owner, over the years, I have noticed that there seems to be almost a line drawn between rescue dog  people and purebred dog people.  I have one of each. Does one deserve a loving home more, or less, than the other?  Recently, my daughter was looking for a dog for her family and her rescue dog friends pushed her to adopt a rescue and were amazed, and not happy, when she adopted two purebreds.  Not to worry I said, you might not know a rescue dog's triggers and with five young children that type of adoption would not be fair to your family or the dog.  It started me wondering about why the division between dog lovers and sometimes I even wondered if it was in my imagination.  However,  Kim Kavin's new book The dog merchants: inside the big business of breeders, pet stores, and rescuers addresess this division which she finds fairly prevalent in many circles.  She shows how all dog lovers can come together, with one voice as consumers, on behalf of all our beloved companions.  She explains the complex business practices that extend from the American Kennel Club to local shelters and dog auctions.  She makes no judgement on dog lovers of any ilk but works only to shed light on the industry to show what can be done by understanding these business practices.  Armed with knowledge and researched information all dog lovers can present a united front to improve and change the lives of our four legged friends.  Kavin goes a long way to making us informed animal lovers.  A must-read for the benefit of all dogs everywhere and all dog lovers.