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book cover image: Part of Our Lives

In Part of Our Lives : a people's history of  the American public library author Wayne Wiegand traces the history of the public library through, not the words of the founders and managers, but the voices of everyday patrons who cherish their libraries. Through research in newspaper articles, memoirs, and biographies he paints a clear and engaging picture of Americans who value libraries as civic institutions as well as public places that promote and maintain community.

The public library has a rich history of meaning for millions of people and, will continue to do so, as it continually adapts to better serve the needs of the community. Despite the nay-sayers who would predict the demise of the public library this work is a bold challenge to this type of thinking.  The transformative effect of belonging to your local public library is brought to life in Part of Our Lives as Wiegand demonstrates the impact of the library on a person's life.

Read the book and also come into the library to see the many ways we have grown to meet your needs in  reading and technology services, training and sometimes, just plain fun.