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Is Gluten really a villain?

book cover image: gluten exposed

Dr. Peter H. R. Green, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University,  and acclaimed medical writer Rory Jones reveal in Gluten Exposed the real scientific story behind the current gluten-free craze.  They identify what is true and what is just pseudoscience.  Is gluten really the villian many believe to be responsible for everything from heart disease to neuralgia and fatigue.?.  If you go gluten free will you live a longer, healthier life?  What is the truth about gluten free diets?

Dr. Green and Jones cut through the misinformation, false claims and widespread confusion over gluten bringing forth the potential dangers of going gluten free.  Most importantly, they explain how gluten works in the body, what a gluten-free diet cures and what it doesn't.  For those diagnosed with Celiac disease (a serious autoimmune disorder caused by gluten) this diet is a regime they must follow.   For the rest of us it is perhaps time to take a serious look at the diet and the consequences of following it by utilizing the information provided by certified specialists in the field.  This book offers you the chance to achieve a healthier, symptom-free life with, or without, gluten as part of your diet.

A must read for everyone who is practicing or considering a gluten free diet.