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book cover image: Frightlopedia : an encyclopedia of everythng scary, creepy and spine-chilling, from arachnids to zombies

There is nothing like a good scary story.  Whatever the reason both kids and adults like scary stories of various sophistication.  We love real and sorta real stories about scary places and things. With Halloween coming up it got me to thinking about all things spooky and scary which naturally led to me scanning through Julie Winterbottom's new book Frightlopedia : an encyclopedia of everything scary, creepy, and spine-chilling, from arachnids to zombies.  Back when I was a kid I would of eewed and yucked my way through parts of it and wrapped myself in a blanket through other parts.  Now, not so much.  Avoidance works for me.  After skimming the book I could see why it was targeted to youth. They love those creepy, slimy, spooky things.  I mean seriously, who except a kid would eat slimy gummy worms while reading a creepy book!

From bats living in caves with rats, ghosts, and vampires to zombies there is plenty of eewing and yucking going to be going on.  A fright meter marks each story for the faint of heart (which would be any adults in proximity to this book).  For kids, scary is a boo-tiful thing.