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Is there a UFO highway?

book cover image: the 37th parallel

Before reading Ben Mezrich's new  book The 37th parallel : the secret truth behind America's UFO highway I would have never have given any thought or credence to the concept of a "UFO highway".  I pretty much imagined that if UFO's were visiting us that they were flying around at random.  Having a flight plan would have sounded too preposterous for real life - more like an plot line you would hear about on the X-files.  Now I am not so sure.  Ben Mezrich's new book delivers strong, documented evidence that such a pathway not only exists but is an covers an expanse of land that has been littered with mutilated livestock, dead horses and cattle.  Since I am still sitting on the fence of "are we alone in the universe" I have to admit that Mezrich's research is almost enough to push one over.  Ever the skeptic I think you need to read this and make your own decision.  He is convincing.  Let me know what you think.