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The Big Bang Theory

book cover image: The Science of TV's the Big Ban Theory: Explanations even Penny would understand

Well, this book is, and isn't, about science. It is more about our interest in science and all things scientific.  Author Dave Zobel's new book The science of TV's The big bang theory : explanations even Penny would understand gives us a humorous and informative approach to how this program became the highest-rated show on TV.  It allows all of us to understand and appreciate, and feel part of the show's scientific conversations.  From why Sheldon thinks 73 is the best number to why he thinks engineers are the Oomph-Loompas of science. Zobel draws us in as easily and comfortably as we are drawn to Sheldon and his spot on the couch.  An insight to our favourite TV program and to our fascination with all things scientific, written so that "even Penny would understand."  A fascinating and fun read.