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The Idiot Brain

book cover image: The idiot brain : a neuroscientist explains what your head is really up to

Author Dean Burnett's new book, The idiot brain : a neuroscientist explains what your head is really up to introduces us to how the brain really works, the imperfections of the brain and some of the laughable things our minds do to us.  Have you ever walked into a room or flipped open your laptop and suddenly you haven't got the foggiest idea what you're doing.   One time something like that happened to me in mid-sentence and it was quite embarrassing.  I was thrilled to find this book and learn things like this, and other things, happen to all of us.  So, you may think you have a good understanding of how your brain works but you may be amazed and surprised to learn how far off you could be in your thinking about that. This is a great book with lots of information that can help you figure out yourself and your brain.  The writting is clear, concise and understandable. And ultra-interesting. And reassuring, we all can have idiot brains!