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When Strangers Meet

book cover image: When strangers meet: how people you don't know can transform you

Kio Stark's new book When Strangers Meet : How people you don't know can tranform you will teach you how to start talking to strangers and he includes adventurous challenges for those who dare. The premise of the book is that there are unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilites in talking to people you don't know.  He demonstrates how these interactions can change you and the world we share.  His goal is to get us to wake up from the routine of our daily lives, including the routine of just the familiar places and faces.  Stark claims that once you recognize the processes by which we decide who to greet we will also understand the unwritten rules by which these encounters take place.  This work is an entirely new take on looking at our social relationships and recognizing where and when they can be expanded to enrich our experiences and improve our lives.  Well worth the read.