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And he scores!

book cover image: now I'm catching on

"It is Joe Sakic. Scores!  Jeee-oe ... Sakic ... scores!  And that makes it 5-2 Canada.  Surely, that's gotta be it."

Bob Cole provided that call during the 2002 Winter Olympics.  As the No.1 play-by-play man on Hockey Night in Canada, this was one of his favourite moments. 

Cole's newly written memoirs Now I'm catching on : my life on and off the air shares his story and his life-long passions (including fishing), his encounters with celebreties and really how it all began.  Some say that every Canadian male over the age of 13 does a Bob Cole impression and, and if not, they know the sound of his voice.  He talks about the training and control of his voice in the play-by-plays so that at home fans could tell just by the sound of his voice if they should be rushing back from making a snack.

This is not his swan song.  At a lively and energetic age of 83 Cole still isn't even considering retirement.

A must read for all Canadian Hockey night fans - which is all of us, of course.