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Oh, my aching back

book cover image: Cure back pain : 80 personalized easy exercise for spianl training to improve posture, eliminate tension & reduce stress

Back ache - got it
Poor posture - got it (sometimes)
Physical tension - got it
Body stress - got it

Part of my problem in relation to the above ailments is a partially sedentary job, a busy after work schedule and little or no time for exercise.  Related to that is the fact that many exercises are aimed at strengthening specific parts of the body.  I need a quick, easy, overall body program that is not time consuming or exhausting.  So the back pain continued.  Until now.

Then I saw Jean-Francois Harvey's new book Cure back pain : 80 personalized easy exercise for spinal training to improve posture, eliminate tension & reduce stress.

Harvey's uses the latest advances in the science of movement and that is what pulled me in.  We live in an age of amazing advances in science especially in studies of the human body and movement of the body.  Why would we not take advantage of this knowledge to help improve our individual health and fitness levels and once again become comfortable in our own bodies?

Harvey helps us do just that.  She combines the principles of Pilates, yoga and physical therapy to create her spinal therapy program, a holistic approach to preventing and relieving back pain.  The exercises can focus on each person's specific needs and the routines can be customized to meet those needs.  Full colour illustrations including those of your spinal structure aid in comprehending the how and why of back pain.

What I like the most about this book is that the exercises are gentle yet quite effective.  They are also very portable exercises that can be worked into your everday routine - like right now noticing in myself that I am slipping into a slouching position as I type.  A quick and easy fix if you are mindful of it and when you are consciously aware of the devastating effects of such behaviour on your overall health and wellness.  And best of all, the exercises are not arduous - very important for myself, and perhaps, others.  Not to be missed.