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Christmas Murder Stories!

book cover image: Eggnog murder

Well, after reading a great Christmas/romance/wedding novel that had all the quintessential trappings of an old-fashioned, small town Christmas story I decided to up the ante and go for a Christmas murder story.  I was really hoping to keep the small town carollers and twinkling trees as a background if that could be done. I do love descriptive narrative to take me away.  Wow.  With no effort, I found exactly what I wanted.  Christmas in Maine.  It doesn't get more picture perfect until...  murder.  The Eggnog Murder by Leslie Meier also includes Death by Eggnog by Lee Hollis and also Nogged Off by Barbara Ross - all three stories in one book.    I diligently placed a hold on this book and when it comes in I will definitely enjoy some eggnog with a nice little Christmas murder story.  While waiting, I am going to sign out another title that sounds like it might meet my criteria for Christmas reading (which will spread way into January as I am a slow reader).  There is Leslie Meier's Christmas Carol Murder, Joanne Fluke's  Christmas Caramel Murder and P.D. James' The Mistletoe Murder and other stories.  I will only sign out one at a time as I have quickly discovered that a good Christmas murder story is always in demand.   Eggnog, pajamas, a crackling fireplace, tree lights still twinkling and who would ruin all that with murder.  Need to read to find out.  And, by the way, we have many other great Christmas stories - with or without the murder - so let us help you find something that you would like to read.