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A Tale of Redemption to Start 2017!


The Mountain Story

The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens is the tale of four people who head up a mountain – and the three that make it home alive.

For his 18th birthday, Wolf Truly has decided to kill himself. He heads up to the top of the mountain overlooking Pam Springs - a place that was once his refuge, but is now filled with painful memories of a terrible accident. Before he can jump, Wolf encounters an unlikely trio of hikers – Nola, an elderly woman, Bridget, a thin blonde athlete, and Vonn, a rebellious teenager. Wolf becomes their unwilling guide, and before they know it, the foursome ends up lost in the wilderness. As hours turn into days, the reality of their situation sinks in and the group soon realizes that they won’t make it out alive without learning to trust each other.  As they attempt escape and pray for rescue, each character’s backstory is revealed, and we learn the truth of what has brought them each to the mountain.

This book is a gripping tale of rescue and redemption, and the ending just might bring a few tears to your eyes!

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