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Chasing It!

book cover image: chasing it

Director, Buck Heller and producer, Stephen Velichko's documentary Chasing It caught me off guard because I did not instintively know what it meant.  It is not part of my everyday lingo.  However, when I looked at the picture of the spoon on the cover, well then, I knew.  I recalled hearing in different TV fiction drama and programs like Intervention about the addict "chasing" the next high.  The film Chasing It tells the story of those affected and why heroin use has such a devastating reach.  I have not yet watched this film.  With my squeamish nature I may not be able to watch it all the way through, but I will try.  With the news constantly telling us of the primary and secondary consequences of drug use it may help to understand why so many people go from curiosity to full fledged addiction.  Perhaps it will help explain and resolve our struggles with understanding and positively affecting those we know, and don't know, who actually struggle with an addiction.  If you watch this film let me know what you thought.