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The Butler's Child

book cover image: the butler's child

Lewis M. Steel is a high profile civil rights lawyer primarily fighting against racial injustice for now over fifty years.  He was the "go to person" for the Attica prison riots in 1971 and publicly slammed then Governor Rockefeller for a biased and prejudiced handling of the riot.  His recently released book The Butler's Child is his story of living two simultaneously and seriously conflicting lives - that of a privileged white man (a Warner Brothers grandson) and that of a man devoted to seeking racial progress in uncomprehending and hostile courts.  Lewis was in part raised by William Rutherford, an African American man who was the family butler.  The influence is undeniable as he examines in his book why he, a privileged white man, devoted his life to seeking racial progress. His book is the "go to book" for an inside look into some of the most important civil rights cases from the turbulent 1960's to the present day.  He still works to advance the civil rights that should be afforded to all.  A must read in these most troubling of times.