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The World According to Star Wars

book cover image: the world according to star wars

There are many great stories and characters that are bigger than life that have captured our imaginations and stayed with us through our life cycles - Mickey Mouse comes to mind, he made us "welcome as can be."  Can anyone really hear "M I C" without automatically adding the other letters?  But, what is it about Star Wars that took such a hold on us? Cass R. Sunstein's The world according to Star Wars tells the story of how and why the film reached its unanticipated success. Sunstein explores the many and varied lessons learned in Star Wars as they relate to our own lives.  He holds that Star Wars is about freedom of choice and our never-ending ability to make the right decision when the chips are down.  I suspect that he is right. Making the right decision under duress is an honourable precept that has guided us through many difficult times as individuals and as nations.  Watching the characters on Star Wars - their interpersonal and inter-galactic struggles allows us to identify with our most noble self.  This is a fun, insightful and heart warming book that adds depth to what you may have just considered "a good film."  I hope you enjoy it.