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True North Favourite: Live in London

loenard cohen

Who could be more Canadian and more man-of-the-world than Leonard Cohen? I love the rich layers of complex imagery in his brilliantly poetic and philosophical song lyrics, the quiet depth of his voice and the beautiful musical arrangements of his later concerts. Intellectual, philosophical and spiritual, his work is recognized around the world. In 2012 while browsing in the gift shop of the Istanbul Archeological Museum I realized that I was hearing Leonard Cohen's music. I excitedly told the woman at the counter that I recognized the music and that I was Canadian. She told that she was going to see Cohen in concert that night in Istanbul. My first thought was of how to get to this concert myself, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it happen. I did see him here in our London at Budweiser Gardens a few months later, but seeing him in Istanbul would've been a better story. This album, Live in London, captures the spirit of those concerts he performed in his later years.

- Rita

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