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Happy St. Paddy's Day

An advertisement in an 1827 issue of the Gore Gazette (Ancaster) , reads as follows - "Hotel in New Town of London - the subscriber having erected and licensed as an inn, a commodious two-storey frame building on Dundas Street...the hotel is within a few rods of the superb building now erecting in the town as a jail and courthouse for the London district, has the best stabling accommodations and is in every respect well qualified to afford comfort and convenience to the public."  At 5 o'clock on March 17, 1835, a formal St. Patrick;'s Day was held at the Mansion House Hotel on the north side of Dundas Street just east of Ridout Street (originally 11 Dundas and later 58-60-62 Dundas).   Inivatations were sent out for this dinner.  An answer was requested by March 10th and tickets were available at the bar.  A fire broke out on April 1, 1845 and destroyed most of the buildings in this part of London including the Mansion House Hotel.  The building originally owned by Abraham Carroll (who had come to London from Oxford County in the autumn of 1826) was rebuilt on the same site.  From at least 1868 to 1891, it was a hotel run by Arthur Jefferys.  It  then became a boarding house run by Arthur Jefferys until 1897 .  Arthur died on April 19th, 1898 at the age of 58.  His wife, Rebecca operated the boarding house until 1905.  It then became the site of the Stirton and Dyer Cigar Manufacturers.