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Poetry London Contest: Emma Croll-Baehre

Emma Croll-Baehre is a Newfoundland-born poet who is currently completing her Honours Specialization in English Literature at the University of Western Ontario. Emma’s work has been included in various creative writing journals, including Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Papermill Press Journal, and UWO’s Occasus Literary Journal. Emma has read at numerous poetry readings including Newfoundland’s April Rabbit Poetry Reading and the Tangle, which she also helped to facilitate. Emma received the Judge’s Choice Award in the Alfred R. Poynt Award in Poetry Competition 2015, and was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Poetry London Contest: Streets of London, 2016. She was most recently awarded first prize in the Alfred R. Poynt Award in Poetry Competition, 2016.

by Emma Croll-Baehre

 you roost on dry grass and thistle
shins aching over the feral garden bed where
stalks had risen and died over one another
(wobee pushaman*) this new
found land did not ask for

you             with george’s maple in your ears who
   only heard our cod congealed waves
   you plant over and over skinny gas nozzle necks that
   penetrate mum-pined hallow space with
   your sanguine birth and after-birth
   cardinal cheeks engulf difference             plump

pallid fingers cast your brother’s propaganda
   newness erupts the first bellies like hernial whales
   red ochre becomes white for difference sake
   mummied holy                     residentials internments laundries
   these decayed placentas fertilize your democracy

I unfurl upwards, eyes strained on the murky bay
    stink of fish on my palms
   musky taste of rain on my tongue
   well meant fool Mother’s decadent veins
   grow thick and prick your heels crimson
   o canada’s glorious guarantees

know that your bully sibling is not too far from you

*Beothuk: White Man

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