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"Fifteen Dogs" wins Canada Reads

book cover image: fifteen dogs

Canada Reads is an annual 'battle of the books' competition.  It is organized, hosted and broadcast by the CBC.  This year's winner is Andre Alexis' "Fifteen Dogs" which was defended throughout a series of debates by Humble The Poet - writer and rapper - who successfully defended the book in the CBC program finale on Thursday winning out over close finalist Madeline Ashby's Company Town.

Fifteen Dogs is the story of a group of dogs in a Toronto veterinary clinic who are bestowed human consciousness and language by the gods Hermes and Apollo.  Endowed with this new intelligence the dogs escape and the pack begins what is a poignant and complex journey as they struggle with issues such as regrets, anxieties, jealousy and the most troubling of human consciousness - knowledge of death. 

The pack becomes divided on their futures - embracing change or resisting the new ways of thinking.  When animals are given human conciousness the result is...   well, you must read this and find out for yourself.