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A guide to therapeutic child care

book cover image: a guide to therapeutic child care

Ruth Emond, Laura Steckley and Autumn Roesch-March have produced A guide to therapeutic child care: what you need to know to create a healing home which describes relevant theories, and the "invisible" psychological challenges that children will often struggle with that may be hidden under layers of fear and insecurity.  If you care for children that may have experienced early trauma you will learn practical strategies for caring for a child with therapeutic needs as well as guidance on how to create safe spaces.  Your skill at helping a child with the development of key social or emotional skills will be enhanced with advice on how to build trust and a nurturing relationship. 

Written with input from foster carers, the book is an ideal guide for residential child care workers, foster carers, kinship carers, social workers and new adoptive parents.  This guide contains great insights on parenting and supporting children with special emotional and psychological needs and can also assist parents and family members caring for their biological children.  Definitely a guide worthy of your time.