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Can We All Get Along?

Join us for the 2017 series Psychology – the Science of Being Human. This year we are presenting three talks under the overall title Can We All Get Along. For the first three Thursdays of April faculty of Western’s Psychology Department will help to answer this question.

On April 6 Dr. Erin Heerey will talk about Six Secrets of Social Behaviour and explore the science of human social connections. Dr. Heerey’s  research explores how people read and evaluate different types of social cues to predict social partners’ behaviour.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Sensory Perception, Socialness, and Autism is the title of the April 13 presentation by Dr. Ryan Stevenson. Did you know that individuals on the autism spectrum see and hear the world differently from their peers? Dr. Stevenson, whose work explores the wide-ranging influences the perceptual processes have on cognition, and how differences in perception can impact cognitive processes, will explain how individual differences in sensory perception impact our world.

Dr. Lynne Zarbatany’s talk on April 20 is titled: Why Do Bullies Bully? The presenter, who focuses in her research on peer influences on behaviour and adjustment in late childhood and early adolescence will shed some light on this common problem in school settings by trying to answer the question what are the roots of bullying. Is bullying the result of maladjusted mind or a strategic behaviour to achieve social goals.

All the talks will be in the Stevenson & Hunt room A at 7 pm. They are free of charge and no registration is needed.