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Health and Longevity - What Each of Us Wants

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The new book by Elizabeth Blackburn – a Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine in 2009- and Elissa Epel a health psychologist The Telomere Effect offers new research on longevity to the general public. The book provides scientific proof for the reasons of long and healthy life known in all cultures. What is the scientific answer to longevity? Telomeres – the ends of the chromosomes. This knowledge was available for several decades but only recently has been translated into a laymen language and widely published. For a long time science believed that our genes predetermined our health. Until now, until the rise of epigenetics, which tells us that the way how we live influences how our genes express themselves, turns them on or shuts them off. As an obesity researcher George Bray said: “Genes load the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger”. The Telomere Effect presents authors’ research findings and explains how to avoid premature aging and how to even reverse it. The food we eat, the thoughts we have, the amount of exercise we do, our emotional response to stress and trauma all that can shorten or lengthen our lives, can cause us more or less illnesses and diseases. What is good for our telomeres is good not only for our health and longevity, it is also good for our families, our environment and all the people around the world.

The book is designed as a guide for the reader, so it not only provides the scientific information but offers short quizzes for the readers to assess their personal wellbeing and a lot of tips.

If you are interested in the science of telomeres check out these books: Elizabeth Blackburn and the story of telomeres : deciphering the ends of DNA  by Catherine Brady and The immortality edge : realize the secrets of your telomeres for a longer, healthier life  by Michael Fossel, Greta Blackburn and Dave Woynarowski

.book cover imagebook cover image