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Deep nutrition

book cover image: deep nutrition

Catherine Shanahan's book Deep Nutrition: why your genes need traditional food is the result of her examination of diets known to help people live longer.  She identifies four common nutritional habits that she states unfailingly produce strong, healthy and active people - fresh food, meat cooked on the bone, fermented and sprouted food, and organ meats.  Her argument is that family history does not determine our destiny but that what you eat and how you live affects your health.  The book offers a prescriptive plan for how anyone can begin eating The Human Diet to:

improve mood
eliminate cravings
eliminate allergies and disease
improve skin condition

as well as many other physical and emotional conditions.

This may very well be the last book you use to decide the best and most appropriate diet for yourself or your family.  I found that once the idea behind her food scheme was understood that meal planning became easier and faster.  Grocery shopping became enjoyable because there was no more turmoil over "what to buy", "what to eat/not eat".  Let me know what you think after you have had a chance to read this book.