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dvd cover image: High noon

When I was a kid we had one black and white television that probably had a total of 3 channels and service was only a few times a week.  Sunday evening after dinner was family tv night and we all gathered around to watch the featured programs which included Bonanza.  The Cartwright family with father Ben, and sons Adam, Hoss and Little Joe were like extended family and we enthusiastically followed their adventures.  After that my only interest in cowboys or western movies was limited to (like most teen girls) the Clint Eastwood movies.  Afterwards nothing cowboy for me. Recently, feeling a bit nostalgic I watched Stanley Kramer and Fred Zinnemann's High Noon with Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly and Lon Chaney Jr. to name a few great actors.  It was totally amazing and captivating and I really enjoyed it.  Even the kids liked the movie despite their initial "watch a cowboy movie, are you serious?" Great story, great acting, nice family movie pace and easily paused to make more popcorn.

We are contemplating on making Sunday evening after dinner a country and western family movie night.  If you have never watched High Noon or just haven't seen it for a long time be sure to check it out.  Get the popcorn ready first.