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An Intimate Wilderness

book cover image: an arctic wilderness

Arctic researcher, author, and photographer Norman Hallendy's journey to the Far North began in 1958, when many Inuit, who traditionally lived on the land, were moving to permanent settlements created by the Canadian government.  In An Intimate Wilderness : Arctic voices in a land of vast horizons Hellendy writes of his adverntures, experiences with strange Arctic phenomena, encounters with wildlife, and deep friendships with Inuit elders.  Very few have worked so closely with the Inuit to document their traditions, and, in this book, Hallendy preserves their voices and paints an incomparable portrait of a vibrant culture in a remote landscape.

To complement this magnificant insight into the lives of our northern companions be sure to come out to the library on September 12, 2017.  Miggs Wynne Morris will share a personal account of the lives of the Inuit of Nunavut and the Dene of Great Bear Lake.  Her personal stories are based on her years of living side by side with our resilient and hard-working counterparts in Northern Canada.

Together, this well researched book and this magnificient and insightful presentation will place you ahead of the crowd in knowledge and understanding of our fellow Canadians.  A worthwhile venture to acknowledge Canada's 150th birthday.