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True North Favourite: The Mighty Tim Horton

The Mighty Tim Horton by Mike Leonetti

Hockey has always been a large part of my life and is a pastime that my family avidly participates in. Another prominent aspect in my daily life is coffee, specifically Tim Horton's coffee. As the winter Tim Horton's commercials portray, coffee and hockey go quite well together. This children's book by Mike Leonetti tells the story of a boy who struggles with how to play his best game. Set during the 1961-62 season when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup, Trevor looks to his hockey hero Tim Horton for inspiration. One day he is lucky enough to meet Tim Horton who gives him some good advice that helps him to be a better player. Leonetti captures the Canadian hockey spirit and the love children have for the sport. The book also has beautiful illustrations.

- Julia

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