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London Has Pride!


In many cities around the world, June is Pride Month. But here in London, the festivities are just getting started! The Pride London Festival runs from July 20th-30th, and there are tons of great events planned all over the city to celebrate.

At London Public Library, we strive to offer a collection that reflects our diverse culture, and we encourage our library users to choose books that embrace and celebrate that culture. Our staff have chosen over 100 of our favourite LGBTQ books, and we’ve tagged them using the community tag “Rainbow Picks.” Here are a few of the titles we love:

  •  George: Alex Gino’s debut book is a timely tale of George, who was born a boy but knows she’s a girl - a girl who is destined to play Charlotte in her school’s production of Charlotte’s Web.
  • God In Pink: Ramy is a young, closeted Iraqi university student who is struggling with how to be true to his religion, his culture and his sexuality.
  • The Lotterys Plus One: this wonderful new book from London’s own Emma Donoghue is the story of a very large family (four parents, seven children!) and their unique life together.
  • King and King: The Queen demands that Prince Bertie find a princess to marry, but none of the candidates seem quite right...
  • Under the Udala Trees: this award winning novel is the story of a young Nigerian girl who falls in love with another female refugee, and the consequences that follow when their love is discovered.

 Click here to check out our full list of Rainbow Picks. Have we missed any titles? Let us know, or feel free to tag them in our catalogue using our community tag!