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True North Favourite: The Stories We Tell

michelle and her dvd

The Stories We Tell by Sarah Polley

I love Sarah Polley and the first time I watched this exposing and genre-bending documentary was at the slightly dingy cinema on campus at the University of Victoria. It's all about what unites family, what defines love, the choices we make, how we remember those choices, how OTHER people remember those choices and how this contributes to who we become or who we tell ourselves we are. Thus, it will always bring me back to the West Coast of Canada and the person I remember myself to be back then. The film is a story about perspective and the reliability of our memories. Sarah Polley discovers a secret in her past that will have you reevaluating your own past. My favourite part: a beautiful sequence of still shots of all the interviewees, or, as Polley credits: storytellers, in silent vulnerability to the acoustic song Demon Host by Canadian musical group Timber Timbre.

- Michelle

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