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A Love Story in Ancient Rome - Quo Vadis, Polish Film Festival

quo vadis

Quo Vadis movie is based on the novel under the same title by Henryk Sienkiewicz, renown Polish writer laureate of a 1905 Nobel Prize in literature . The book had several screen adaptations in the past but Jerzy Kawalerowicz film from 2001 is the first done by a Polish director.

The plot revolves around a love story of a Roman soldier and a Christian slave girl in Ancient Rome during the Nero’s reign and the persecutions against Christians.

Speaking about his film, Kawalerowicz says:

 I was always interested in the reconstruction of old, long gone worlds and presenting heros trying to solve eternal dilemmas. The main heroes of Quo Vadis contain almost everything that can be said about human characters, and the story touches the great eternal dilemmas of power, faith, love and responsibility. [...] It is therefore worth asking again: Quo vadis, homo?


The title of the film derives from a legend that Peter, fleeing the persecution of Christians in Rome, encountered Christ walking in the opposite direction, asked: Quo Vadis, Domine "Where are you going, Master?" "To Rome to be crucified again," the latter replied.

Join us on Saturday, July 22 in the Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library at 1:00 pm for this screening.

The last film of the Polish Film Festival of 2017-The Righteous/Sprawiedliwy by Michal Szczerbic will be screened on Thursday, July 27 at 6:30 pm in the Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library.

The event is free and no registration required.

If you want to read the novel or watch its another screen adaptation please check our collection.