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Kale, my ex, and other things to toss in a blender

kale ex blender book

Mia’s summer gets off to a rocky start with an epic break-up from her first boyfriend. But her best friend, Justine, is not going to let that happen! As best friends do when one gets hurt, they come up with a plan. First, they will use their summer job driving a snow cone truck to stalk Mia’s ex. Then they create a fake facebook profile to stalk Mia’s ex online. But as with most revenge plots things don’t turn out as planned. The snow cones get a boost of kale to become the hottest smoothies in town...along with more money than the girls could imagine. Then when Mia’s ex falls for the fake online girl revenge heats up to a new level!

This is a cute contemporary take on getting over a breakup. The story was quick and fun to read with a good message about not being defined by your relationship. Some of the things they did were very implausible and probably not a good idea, but the writing style kept it light. A good quirky summer read. I also liked that every chapter title is a smoothie recipe. My favorite is Rainy Day Respite (chapter 38) - Strawberry+banana+mango+plain yogurt.

Publication date: May 30, 2017
Random House

Borrow it: Kale, my ex, and other things to toss in a blender by Lisa Greenwald