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True North Favourite: Armand Gamache Mysteries


sarah and louise

True North Favourite: Armand Gamache Mysteries by Louise Penny

Louise Penny introduces us to the world of Three Pines and the detective work of Armand Gamache in her first book "Still Life." Immediately you encounter the cozy community of Three Pines, where you will never want to leave. But this small town has one problem - murder keeps coming to the town too! The writing is beautiful and captivating, the mystery keeps you reading until the very last word, and it's the kind of book that has you thinking about its beauty and characters for days afterward. I have anticipated each title's release and read them all, so excited to digest each page, while at the same time wanting to go slowly and enjoy them. I was a huge fan of Penny's even before hearing her speak at a Library Conference in 2013, and it was an extra highlight to get to meet her and have her sign a copy of her book for me. She is delightful, well read, and a real Canadian, and she is truly one of my favourites. I envy those of you who have yet to discover her world of Three Pines and the charming Gamache. I hope you enjoy them! In addition to her books, she published a free monthly newsletter which is just as enjoyable and endearing. I encourage you to sign up to tide you over until the next title is released. 

- Sarah

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