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Problems with Indieflix

The other day I was checking out Indieflix and as I was trying to login a pop up appeared on my screen.  It was telling me to check my email to authorize the mobile app but I was on my computer.  Here is what I found out:

IndieFlix has expanded library patron access to mobile devices and smart TV devices such as Roku. This enhancement increases the ways library patrons may view the films across many devices.

Now for what this means for activating Indieflix: This enhancement requires a revised way to active an IndieFlix account. The first time you are redirected to IndieFlix from RBdigital Gateway you will activate your account via a provided email link.

Each patron device needs to be activated one-time via an email link as well.  This is a similar experience with other streaming services. When each device is activated the device will be linked to your account for seamless access upon subsequent uses. Patrons using personal computers and mobile devices only activate one-time per device.
If you have set up a firewall, cleared your cache or cookies, you may need to do this again.  If you are still having problems, please contact us or 519-661-4600. 
Thank you!
Heather from your Digital Collections Team