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London Public Library Employment Resource Centers, (ERCs) are closing! Today, June 23, 2012 we say goodbye to the ERCs at Beacock, Pond Mills and Westmount. On July 7, ERCs at Central library, Crouch and Jalna branches will cease to exist as well.

Strategies for Getting Your Next Job




This week the federal job bank is back online after being shut down for two weeks due to a security breach.  Many job seekers were frustrated and didn’t know what to do with the job bank off line.  

How to get a great job

book cover imageFinding a “great job” takes time and effort, plus a few tricks up your sleeve.

How to get a great job

Finding a “great job” takes time and effort, plus a few tricks up your sleeve. A great job is one you really like, or has great pay and a marvelous work environment. To get to this stage were you have this type of job; there are some steps you have to follow. These are the 6Ps of an intelligent job search. First, you need to find your Passion, and then get a Positive attitude before you dive in.

Does your resume warrant a second look?

Do you ever wonder why employers are not calling you, after mailing, dropping off and/ or faxing hundreds of resumes?One reason might be that what you are doing is mass mailing; sending “Junk Mail”, like the one which you receive everyday in your mailbox or e-mail; and you discard without reading! 

Tips On Career Planning


Career planning is part of what you do when you're thinking about a new career, or you'd like a change and take a new direction. Getting started is not always easy. To plan you need a goal, and that goal depends on your interests, values, strengths, education and skills as well as personal attributes and motivation. Below are tips to keep in mind when planning your career:

1. Change is constant – embrace it! The world of work is always changing, be open to change and remain alert to new opportunities.