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lwtstf's blog

David's Inferno...

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Have you ever been depressed? Really, really depressed?

Mind Your Own Business

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Having your own business can be very rewarding. The benefits are numerous, the independence is great and the creative freedoms are boundless. The question now becomes... Do you have what it takes?

To find out more about small business ownership and

Invitations to World Religions

Book COver ImageRegardless of religious affiliation, the eyes of the world were watching, with avid interest to see who would emerge as the 266th Pope to the Roman Catholic faithful.

Here Comes Career Cruising 2.0!

The Career Cruising electronic database, is a comprehensive, streamlined, interactive, career guidance tool that enables you to explore, plan and chart a way forward to a successful career… or two.


- provides access to detailed occupation profiles and comprehensive post-secondary education information to help you navigate your career path

Networking? Ughh!… Hmmm… Aha!!!

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As a job seeker, you constantly hear these words: ‘80% of the jobs that are available never get advertised’ or even better, ‘Networking is the #1 way to find a job today’… and just the thought of networking [gulp]

We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Book Cover'I never knew you had these things!' Yep...We hear that all the time at the Library.

So here's a little peek at the different types of resources and services that the library offers to business owners, those who want to start their own business, and even those who don't know if the entrepreneurship bug will ever bite!

Why You Need a Business Plan!

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Thinking of starting your own business? Then having a well-written business plan is one of the first steps.

Did You Know?

At the Library, we're committed to helping you navigate the maze that is called 'Job Searching.'  Did you know that every month there is a Searching for Work information session

Small Biz: Learn from the Experts 2012

Join us on November 19, 2012 as we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week. Register for free interactive mini-workshops with London's leading small business experts! Various sessions throughout the day:

New, affordable Housing within reach...

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Join us at the Library for a free information session with Habitat for Humanity (Oxford Middlesex Elgin). Acquiring a NEW home may be well within your reach!