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Gutbliss not only for holidays


Doctor Robynne Chutkan, one of the world’s leading gastroenterologists , widely featured in the media, including frequent appearances on The Dr. Oz Show published a book called Gutbliss: Feel light, tight and bright – the healthy way. This is her 10 day plan to ban bloat, flush toxins and dump digestive baggage.  “Gutbliss started out as a book about food. I was alarmed by what I was seeing in people’s digestive tracks and the growing prevalence of bloating and other gastrointestinal complaints. To me food was the obvious but frequently overlooked connection.”-says the author.  The book consists of three parts. First explains digestion in detail, second lists possible gut problems and third gives the solution to gutbliss.   The reader finds here a lot of valuable information on digestion. Why bloating is happening. Is it just food or are there any medical conditions causing this? What are the solutions to constipation?  Do you swallow air? What is good and bad bacteria in your gut? Why our gut bacteria is often out of balance? Do you have parasites? Is it bloating or inflammation? How do I approach inflammation?  Is there any help for a leaky gut or IBS? What if it is diverticulosis? The book provides answers to all of those questions and more. Dr. Chutkan ends her book with 10 day plan to gutbliss and an appendix with some gut healthy meals recipes.  Great information for everybody, especially around the holiday season. If you are interested in this topic you may want to read books by another gut health expert Donna Gates:  The Body Ecology diet : recovering your health and rebuilding your immunity  and The baby boomer diet : body ecology's guide to growing younger.

book cover image of Gutbliss book