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Poetry London contest winner Erin J. Walker


Erin J. Walker's poem "four thoughts from childhood" won Honorable Mention in Poetry London's Annual Poetry Contest. 


four thoughts from childhood
here's to hoping that the future
is like star trek
raise a glass to johnny and the boys,
and the girls are not
an afterthought
to be polite

if i look at the air for long enough
i can see the tension of many
criss-crossing out of each other

there was once a temporary universe inside
the almond loop created by
two skipping ropes
turning over asphalt
in a double dutch blur
and i was its sole inhabitant,
jumping in time, for

the whole month of january

once when i was small,
i drop-kicked a rogue basketball back
to the sixth grade boys who were
playing in the schoolyard and
unintentionally scored a three-pointer

and there was a small moment in which
for the rest of recess
i was a hero

~Erin J. Walker


Erin J. Walker is a local poet and playwright who frequently writes, directs, and performs with Bumbletea Theatre company.  Her work has been featured in Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine and Ryerson's Function Zine.

All of the winning poems are on display at London Public Library as part of National Poetry Month celebrations.

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