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Rain, Reading and Faraway Places

Today's morning news, with talk of flooding in London during this (so far!) strangely mild January, reminded me of the wonderful book "The Knowledge of Water" by Sarah Smith.   I decided to share the word about this book, and some of the other memorable books I've read over the past year.    book cover image"The Knowledge of Water" is set in Paris, France, during the great flood 1910 - the year the Seine overflowed its banks, causing havoc and devastation in the great city.

What the Psychic told the Pilgrim

Looking for enlightenment, sore feet and all? Come to the Central branch on Saturday, January 12 (2- 4.00 p.m.) for an author reading & book signing by noted Canadian author Jane Christmas.

Need A Summer Job?

Yes, it is a cold and wintry January but it is not too early to start looking for your summer job. The City of London advertised their 2008 summer jobs last November. Other government postings will be available soon. Many large companies also start looking for their summer students in the winter or early spring.

Want to do an effective job search? Here is a check-list of things to start thinking about:

Copyright or Copywrong?

Why has copyright become such an important issue to so many people?  Why should you or I care?  Flickr, iPods, Youtube, DVDs, MP3 players - the way we use new technology could be at risk through more controlled Digital Rights Management (DRM).   We may also lose the ability to use copyright material for personal use, teaching or other reasons that were protected under the Fair Dealing Provisions. 

Living With Teenagers

Parenting teenagers can be a bit of an adventure. Teenagers are like toddlers just learning to walk. There are many obstacles and dangers on the road to a new kind of independence, and it is up to parents to keep a close eye on these adults-in-the-making to make sure that in their explorations of the adult world, they don't travel too far down the wrong roads.  Our job is to give them enough independance so  that they have the opportunity to make choices, but to support them and guide them if those choices are not in their best interest.

Giller Prize

There was exciting news in the world of Canadian publishing as the winner of the 2007 Scotiabank Giller prize was announced at a gala dinner in Toronto.  I thought this year's shortlist was particularly strong and that all the nominees were worthy of the prize.  I was rooting for Elizabeth Hay and her novel Late Nights on Air, and was delighted when her name was announced. I have been an admirer of her beautiful writing since I read A Student of Weather, my pe

The Evergreen Award goes to...

The Birth House by Ami McKay

Set in rural Nova Scotia during World War I, this fabulous novel tells the story of 17-year-old Dora Rare who becomes an

Taking Care of Our Home

At this time of year,  gift giving abounds as we search for the "perfect present" for a family member or friend. How about thinking bigger - how about a gift for everyone?

Coming to the small screen

Douglas Coupland's 2006 novel jPod is being produced as a TV series and will premiere on January 8th on CBC. 

Here if you need me

Looking for a Christmas read that goes beyond Christmas Day?