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dmcstaff's blog

The Healthy Skeptic

There's no shortage of health-related messages out there:  Blueberries will prevent Alzheimers--Sunscreen prevents skin cancer--Losing weight is always good for you--Cholesterol will kill you--etc,etc. So which ones should we believe?  Which ones are designed to sell more products? 

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher

Kate Summerscale's book The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher has won the BBC Four Samuel Johnson Prize for nonficton.  The book investigates an unsolved murder in 1860.  Quitting her day job to research and write the book has really paid off!

House Lust

book cover imageJust turn on the TV and you can see that Canada has got a bad case of the wants when it comes to our homes.  Remodeling, house flipping, upsizing, and vacation properties—the list goes on and on.  What gives?  Why is every

Rome 1960

book cover imageIt was the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one.

Rogers' Empire

Rogers has been very much in the news recently, particularly with the proposed texting charges and the launch of the G3 iPhone.  Wanna know how this company grew to be what it is today?  And what’s the story of the man behind the empire?

The Man Who Loved China

Here's a great new title from Simon Winchester, author of "The Professor and the Madman".   "The Man Who Loved China" is a brilliant story about Joseph Needham, Cambridge

The Monster of Florence

This is the True Crime title of the summer.   A journalist moves to Tuscany to uncover the Monster of Florence mysteries:  a series of unsolved murders that have been linked to everything including a satanic cult.  What the author discovers is a plot of intrigue

The Physics of the Impossible

Eventually all science fiction becomes science Fact.  Ever wonder about death rays, time travel and teleportation?  "The Physics of the Impossible" by Michio Kaku has got it all.  Every sci-fi idea is considered here is a serious way, with a look at the near and distant future.   A must-read!