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lkhstaff's blog

Adventures in Body Swapping

Book Cover ImageTake an amnesiac, a secret government agency, supernatural forces and body swapping, add in a fiesty herione, and a touch of grit and you have a fast-paced, action packed urban fantasy on your hands.

Sweet and Little Desserts

Book Cover ImageDo you have a craving for just a little something sweet? Are you hosting an event where you want to provide individual desserts?

Gardening made Simple

Book Cover Image

Are you a new gardener looking for some ideas for spring? How about an avid gardener looking for something new?

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook

book cover imageHave you ever wanted to have dinner with Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, or Bob Denver? With this cookbook and a bit of imagination, you can!

Best Reads of 2011

book cover imageAre you looking to squeeze in a great read this holiday season? Goodreads is a great place for you to start. This social media website has recently released their Reader's Choice awards for 2011. These awards are handed out in 22 genres including Food & Cooking, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Poetry and more!

Best of the Best

Book Cover ImageWith so many fabulous new cookbooks out there, where do you get the time to find the best recipes in each of them?

A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror

cover imageWhat's your favourite Christmas story? Nope. Not Miracle on 34th St. My tastes tend a little more towards complete chaos!

The Wild Ways

cover image

Canadian Author Tanya Huff has been writing novels based in Canada for years - including one of her Blood books set just outside of London!

Great news for Fantasy Lovers!

book cover imageWould you like a monthly list of new fantasy novels? How about lists of fantasy books on specific topics like urban fantasy or GLBT fantasy? What if we threw in a list of fantasy related programming at the library? Now you can have it all with LPL's Fantasy e-newsletter! Debuting this month, the e-newsletter is packed full of book recommendations and information.