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Parents say "it's the most wonderful time of the year"! Students just groan and roll their eyes but yes... it's back to school time!

Using the LEDC website to research a company

Researching a company that you would like to apply to is a very important step in your job search.  Often, job seekers come into the library looking for a way to get essential information about companies in the London area and one of the tools I like to consult is

Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Book jacket Do you love a good mystery?

Exceptional Treehouses

book cover image If you are a fan of treehouses and believe in sustainable building, this beautiful new publication will inspire you.

Hot Summer Reading

Book jacketWell, summer time is upon us. Hooray! This is a wonderful time of year to read (when isn't it though!), and because so many of you are lucky enough to have vacation time during the summer months we don't  want you to forget to check out what's good at your library. Here is a 'cool' summer read to start you off:


CITY OF WORDS: Toronto Through Her Writers' Eyes

book cover imageHow does a city such as Toronto feed the creative energies of its writers?  What are the locations, moments, and experiences that have caught the writer's fancy and then been reflected in the literature they create?  In City

Rita DeBook

Have you heard about Rita DeBook? A group of literacy based organizations in London, including London Public Library, are having some fun this summer. For 10 weeks, every Thursday, Rita DeBook will be practicing her literacy skills at an unknown location. Find her! Call her! And win prizes!

Eat locally - Sarah Elton and Locavore

book cover image
Come and meet Sarah Elton on Wednesday, June 9 at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt room in Central Library. Sarah is Canada's leading voice in the local food movement, the food columnist for CBC Radio's Here & Now, the author of

Old Ontario Houses: Traditions in Local Architecture

book cover imageWhat better way to learn about Ontario's history than through a view of  its architecture. Old Ontario Houses: Traditions in Local Architecture offers a fascinating selection of pho

Mastering your Career Change

Changing your career path is really hard and daunting but if you've already decided and you want to start this process, be sure to Master this Step!

There are multiple challenges associated with the career-change process so you have to employ some powerful techniques and strategies such as:

*Know exactly what you want to pursue

*Find your targeted field and research company types

*Highlight your best transferable skills which relate to your new field