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Man's Best Friend

I LOVE my dogs!  Molly and Betty are long-haired, miniature Dachshunds and they are the cutest, funniest, best puppies in the world.  Maybe I'm a little bit biased, but I don't care.  Any dog lover out there will understand where I'm coming from.


Canadian Legal Forms Available Online

      Just as Canadian federal and provincial government websites provide electronic access to legal documents and forms, so is the legal system making a concerted effort to offer legitimate forms for family, civil and small claims courts.

      Ontario Court Services website provides full-text PDFs of Ontario Court forms in the areas of Family Law Rules forms; Rules of Civil Procedure forms; and Rules of Small Claims Court forms.

Artists In Canada

Did you know that the Central Library has over 5000 information files on individual Canadian visual artists?  These files are housed on the third floor (Arts and History department) of the Central Library.

Manuals Online

My washing machine is on the fritz again.... Luckily I was able to download the service manual and fix the problem.  Yippee, clean laundry!  I used a great website called ManualsOnline.  This site is awesome, it helps you locate user manuals,

Canadian Census Information

      Every five years Statistics Canada conducts a national census and asks Canadians to count ourselves in.  The resulting data provides an unparalleled source of information about Canada and its population over time.

      But accessing these statistics, either in the print format or online, can seem daunting

"Canada is Failing History"

That is the title of a recent article that appeared in the Globe and Mail.  The authors feel that we are failing our students and putting our country's future in jeopardy but not offering more compulsory courses in Canadian History at the secondary level.  In Ontario, students are only required to take one course in Canadian History .  Before our students head back to the classroom, this might be a good time to look at some of the interesting titles that the library has and refresh our knowledge on our own country.  Have a look at:

Talking About Our Generations

Canada, like most industrialized countries, is grappling with an aging or greying workforce.  Yet within this employee pool, employers are also dealing with staff of different ages, spanning up to four generations.  Each employed traditionalist, baby boomer, generation Xer or newly minted millennial brings with them a unique work ethic and

What I read on my summer vacation

I had the pleasure of having an entire month of holidays this summer (again!) so I thought I would drop a few lines about the books I've read. I have to admit I didn't read as much as I had anticipated but

Home Renovation Tax Credit

Is your house getting a little run down? Well, if it's anything like mine there is always more work to be done and it can get expensive. One way to help off-set the cost of renovations is a program established by the Canada Revenue Agency called the Home Renovation Tax Credit (HTRC).  Under this program you can claim a non-refundable tax credit of up to $1,350 on your 2009 income tax return.

Whoa, My Boss is Naked!

book cover imageAre you tired of reading the same old career books that are written by upper management for upper management? If you're a pop culture junkie who is new to the world of work, Jake Greene's Whoa, My Boss is Naked! is the career guide for you.