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Science of Health

Join us on Thursday, June 18th at 7pm in the Stevenson &Hunt room A for this fascinating talk: Science of Health, about fundamentals of nutritional health, researches of the century, crisis of leadership in our public and private institutions, end egregoriously inaccurate facts about

The chemical free lawn

The City of London pesticide ban for lawn care came into force and effect on September 30, 2008. You can access a list of pesticide By-law frequently asked questions online which will help you with understanding the by-law, pesticide facts (including usage fines) and health aspects of the pesticide ban. With a free library borrowers card you can borrow a copy of The chemical-free lawn or

Add this one to your beach bag!

 I admit it - I LOVE chick lit - and I think British chick lit is some of the best! Jill Mansell is a great British chick lit author I've just discovered and her latest is An Offer You Can't Refuse.

Fascinating Archeological Mystery

 ~A Ruth Galloway Mystery~

The Crossing Places is set on the Norfolk Coast in England, near a salt marsh - a marshy area between solid land and the ocean. This particular salt marsh has many secrets. Forensic Archaeology Professor Ruth Galloway loves the marsh and it's isolation. She participated in a dig on the marsh ten years ago that uncovered an ancient henge. She has chosen to make her home on the lonesome wetland. When DCI Harry Nelson is called in to investigate what looks to be child's bones discovered in the marsh, he asks

Unbelievably true tale.....

Who hasn't watched the movies where an explorer or adventurer discovers a lost world or civilization? I personally am fascinated by the whole idea that there may still be some untouched or unfound something out there.

Reader's Services

Did you know that the library offers reader's services? Basically this means library staff can help you find your next great read! We have some wonderful tools, both in print and online that can help us to help you. Ask us to show you NoveList, a powerful

Arthur Erickson 1924-2009

On May 20, 2009 the internationally known Canadian architect Arthur Erickson passed away.

Erickson was known for his dramatic and distinctive designs, including the campus of Simon Fraser University in B.C., Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, the Canadian Chancery  in Washington, D.C. and countless other works.

Waiting for Summer

I love the sights and smells of Spring but always find this time of year to be one of the hardest. After a long, cold winter I'm ready to grab my flip-flops, a towel, and a great book and head to the beach - but the weather hasn't quite caught up to me yet. So what's the next best thing? A fabulous beach read can tide me over until I finally get to once again wiggle my toes in the sand.

Here are a few of my favourites. What's your favourite summertime read? Post a comment below to share.

Sports galore

Hello there sports fans.  It seems at this time of the year there's no end to the channel surfing entertainment we can pick from to get our daily sports fix.  The Stanley Cup playoffs are down to the final four teams vying for a shot at Lord Stanley's hallowed mug.  Check out the Naional Hockey League's website at for your updates.  If Basketball is your game the conference finals are underway and the go to website for the NBA is  How a

Job Search Tactics

With the unemployment rate on the rise, many job seekers have found the already stressful task of searching for work becoming even more challenging and worry-inducing. Some creative job seekers are employing rather unique job search methods in the hopes of landing their dream jobs. Whether they provide you with inspiration, or simply a good laugh, check out what these innovative souls have been up to:

Jason Fruen