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EcoLiving London- London's Environmental Evolution

If you are interested in living more sustainably, but have no idea where to begin, you arent alone. Searching for "green" resources in London often feels like looking for that needle in the hay stack. How can we make things better?

Starting a new business venture?

Starting a new business can be a daunting adventure so make sure to take advantage of the amazIng Business Startup Assistant provided for your convenience by the government of Canada with information specific to your own province. There is so much information available on this web site including everything from selecting a business name to Revenue Canada guides, financing information, and specific asbout hiring employees and contractors.

Looking forward to retirement

It may be only a few years away to retirement, or it may be several, but eventually retirement planning becomes a concern for all of us. Whatever situation you find yourself in there are programs, books and online sites to help you get all the information you need for your particular retirement plans. You can attend retirement information programs at the library or

From Bird Flu to Swine Flu-how to survive in the culture of fear

Recent media hysteria surrounding the H1N1 virus is reminiscent of the bird flu scare in 2006. As swine flu headlines taper down their coverage of the story, consumers are left to wonder whether there was anything to fear in the first place.

RT(Romantic Times) 2008 Award Winners

The Romantic Times (RT) Book Reviews is a great resource for the latest hot stuff in the romance genre. The Central library houses this magazine, so try and pop by some time and take a look! Just ask the friendly staff where it is kept.  Here are a few of RT's 2008 award winners. Check out  these titles

From magnifying glasses to ZoomText

Do you remember when adaptive technology was someone pulling out a magnifying glass to read the fine print or a folding metal wheelchair? Today we have ZoomText and smart wheelchairs with Internet connections, wireless local connectivity and adaptive user interfaces. If you are looking to purchase adaptive technology for computers or for living devices be sure to vist the Seniors' Info website for guides on choosing the technology and finding out what devices qualify for go

Angels and Demons - Fact and Fiction

Preview the sites of Rome that appear in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, about to appear on the big screen.  Much of the action takes place in or near four famous churches where the words "earth&qu

Home Improvement

As a first time home owner it has amazed me the number of tasks that need to get done just to keep my house in good repair. Sometimes, just deciding if I should attempt a task like painting a room or fix a dripping faucet or if I should call a professional can be a big decision. Home repair and renovation books from the library have really  helped me make some of those decisions.

Auction of Canadian Art

Sotheby's Canada and Ritchies Toronto auction houses will be holding a sale of Important Canadian Art works on Monday May 25th, 2009 at Ritchies - 380 King Street East in Toronto.

Have a look at some of the treasures by Canadian painters for sale in the May 2009 catalogue.


Science of Health- a historic review of the dark ages of medicine to the light of nature

Join us for a holistic evening about fundamentals of nutritional health, researches of the century, crises of leadership in our public and private institutions, and egregiously inaccurate facts about fat, proteins and carbohydrates, on Thursday, June 18th at 7pm in the Stevenson & Hunt ro