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Autism- Recovery is Possible

Is it possible to recover from Autism? According to Noor Muhammad - a director and founder of Autism Centre of Canada, a registered charity and director of UNOH Health, a Health Management clinic opened recently in London-yes it is. Join us for this fascinating talk about the nature of the disorder, treatment and new multidisciplinary approach which focuses on the

Nutritional Approach to Mental Health

Is there a way to help people who are already taking medication? What can be done to help lessen the side effects of medication? How effective can nutrientys be in regaining mental health?

This presentation offers a basic introduction to Orthomolecular Medicine, an approach that uses diet and supplementation to address nutritional deficiences that may cause mental illness such as schizophrenia, anxiety and depression.

We Recommend...

One of my favourite jobs as a librarian is to recommend fiction to readers. Did you know that library staff can help you find your next good read? In our fancy library terms, we call this Reader's Advisory. Any time you can't seem to find a good book to read, please don't hesitate to ask your friendly library staff for some help, no matter what genre you might read. That's not to say that we all read every single book and/or genre out there. But we do have some wonderful tools to help us recommend books to our patrons. Another great tool that is literally, at your fingertips are

Why Evolution?

Charles Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species" has become the foundation of biological studies and his theory of natural selection is the basis of evolutionary theory. He provides a brilliant

Mastering the Cold Call

Cold Calling is a way of approaching prospective employers by telephone to express your interest in working for them and to see if any vacancies are coming up in the future. Contacting a potential employer in such a way requires a great deal of initiative and can be quite stressful.

Take a journey on a backroad....

Roads to where? Quoz - n. - referring to anything strange, incongruous or peculiar, at it's heart is the unknown, the mysterious. Rhymes with Oz. I've had this book for a little bit now, but it isn't one you want to race through at all. It's a fairly hefty book at 550 pages plus, but you need to stop and savour each and every tale.

The First Adamsberg mystery!

I always enjoy discovering the first in a new series. The Chalk Circle Man is the first Adamsberg novel.

Writer's workshop

Are you interested in writing? The library is offering a great romance writer's workshop on (you guessed it!) February 14th, Valentine's day. How fitting! Take a look at

Abraham's Cafe : if only you knew

Jerusalem is a city of longing in many ways.  Christians, Jews and Muslims, for example, long for peace; while non-believers wish the great faiths of Abraham could learn to co-exist.  So, what do Jews wish Christians knew about the Torah? What do Muslims wish Jews knew about Mohammed? And what do Christians wish others knew about the church?

What's cooking?

A perfect storm of events has led me to explore the library collection of Chinese cooking books.  We had our kitchen renovated, and the lovely new space has me excited about cooking.  A new stove with a wok holder is a bonus!  In addition, my 28 year old son has also been exploring Chinese cooking.  He's got the added benefit of Toronto's Chinatown and its supply of mystifying Chinese vegetables.  My son and I started with Eileen Lo's