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Falling in love with the Romance Novel

February is on the horizon and it's the perfect time to think about romances! If you've ever wondered about writing a romance and were curious as to how it's done here is a great opportunity for you.

What do interviewers really want?

So you've done a great job search preparation, submitted all your documents(resume, cover letter and references) and here comes the important call you've been waiting for! You're invited to an interview...It's time for you to SELL YOURSELF!

Many people fail this important step because they don't know how to sell themselves in the interview. This simply means to convince the interviewer that you possess the qualifications and skills listed in your resume and that they match the job requirements. So what do interviewers really want?? 

Diabetes-can you reverse it?

Is it possible to reverse diabetes? Join us on Thursday, January 15th at 7 pm in the Wolf Hall for this fascinating documentary film: "Simply Raw: reversing diabebtes in 30 days". Follow the stories of the six people who dared to try changing their lives. The film is free, no registration required.

The Almost Archer Sisters

I knew I had a doctor's appointment after work the other day, so I quickly stuck The Almost Archer Sisters in my bag to take with me. My doctor is invariably behind, so an hour and a half later, it was my turn.

February Fervor

February is looming on the horizon and cabin fever may soon be pushing us to develop the creative side of our natures. February is also the month that many fine inventions were patented such as James Markham's fruit tree patent for a peach tree to John Deere's patent on ploughs.  When the February doldrums get to you join us at London Public Library for many exciting programs including watercolour pai

Family Vacation Planning

When January rolls around many parents begin to plan their family vacations. Florida and Disney World are always favourite vacation venues. The library has some great books specifically on these destinations! Naturally, there are

Gay & Lesbian Teen Fiction

Although gay & lesbian teen fiction has traditionally been an under-represented (and often controversial) genre, recent years have seen more authors recognized for their fantastic contributions to this area of fiction. My favourite happens to be David Levithan whose newest book How They Met, and Other Stories recently made its way into my hands.

Nice new Chick lit

If you are reading this you are definitely a fan of chick lit! So I thought I would post some nice new titles for you to try. New year?

Storage solutions

Now that Christmas is over it will soon be time to put everything away. Many of us grumble and groan about storing decorations, trees, garlands etc. etc. I'm definitely one who

Author Reading: Anita Badami

Join us on Tuesday January 6th for a reading from award winning  Canadian author Anita Badami. The reading will take place from 7:30-8:30 pm at the Central Library in Stevenson and Hunt meeting room A. She will read from her novel Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? This novel is set in