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Greening Up Your Business

Greening Up your business is an environmentally responsible action and it shows your customers that you  have the right attitude toward protecting the planet. If you are starting up a business and want to create a sustainable business model or have a business and want to manage your companies carbon footprint we have just the book for you.

How to Differentiate Yourself when Applying for a Job?

More and more, employers are using techniques that allow them to easily screen applicants for specific credentials, whether online using the keywords detectors or the quick 30 seconds scanning for paper resumes. Therefore, your resume should be done professionally and it should contain the information that will differentiate you from others.

Mango for everyone

Are interested in learning a new language? Or maybe you are travelling to a foreign country where you would like to know some basic words to communicate with the residents. Then, London Public Library's Mango Languages is for you.

London Tech Week

Did you know that the city of London hosts a "tech week" every year, a tradition started in 2007? This year, tech week is  from March 29- April 1.Tech week showcases London's technology companies and resources. It offers an opportunity to educate oneself on the advanced technology  and possible technology careers available in this city. Techweek also presents networking opportunities for  those entering the tech field and professionals looking to enhance their skills set. Check out the Techalliance website for details on what's happening this week; workshops, seminars, etc.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 11th is "Holocaust Remembrance Day" around the world.  It is a significant opportunity for us to take the time to think about those who fought, suffered and perished during World War ll.  Most of us are familiar with two iconic pieces of literature of that time, Anne Frank's Diary and Elie W

Relationships - We Can't Live Without Them

In this series faculty of the UWO Psychology department will help shed some light on how we influence and are influenced by each other, and how social relationships have the power to hurt and heal.

Come and join us on

Handmade Nation

Fbook cover imageaythe Levine has travelled extensively across the United States in an effort to document the emerging indie craft community there.

Her book Handmade Nation highlights 24 craft makers who work with different media and use different methodologies.  This creative community

A Big Tooth Ache!!

Imagine having teeth measuring over 7.5 inches (19.05 cm) and weighing 4.5 pounds (2.04 grams).  Two such teeth were discovered near Glencoe, Ontario on October 19th, 1938 by farmer James Watson who unearthed the teeth while plowing a drained bog (London Free Press, October 20, 1938).  These teeth belonged to a mastodon, the post-glacial elephant, whose preferred habitat were the spruce forests found around London in swamps and wetlands.  The mastodon became extinct shortly after the aboriginal peoples settled in what is now Southwestern Ontario. 

Buying that first car

You have passed the written test and you are booked into a driving school for March break. Or, perhaps you have finished that part and now have your G2. Soon, if not already, you will be browsing the auto magazines and car lots looking for that great deal. But what will it look like when you find it? How will you recognize it? With so many vehicles to choose from it will help you to make a good decision when you have some basic information on the different makes and models - and the often huge price variance between one year and the next.