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Find a Book Buddy!

Encourage older siblings to read to younger ones. This will entertain both children while building confidence and strengthening reading skills in the older child.

Find a Book Buddy!

Encourage older siblings to read to younger ones. This will entertain both children while building confidence and strengthening readings skills in the older child.

Creating traditions

Every holiday season when my kids were young, I would pull out my much loved, dog-eared copy of Meredith Brokaw's "Penny Whistle Christmas party book : including Hanukah, New Year's and Twelfth Night family parties". We always found something new inside to make or do together. Many of the activities and recipes we found in Penny Whistle have become important family traditions. This year I will be proudly (and somewhat sadly) passing along my copy to my sister-in-law to share with her young ones.

Retail Jobs for the Holidays

In need of some extra cash this holiday season?  Perhaps you are in the process of seeking new or first time employment?  Now may be the best time to look.  As we approach the Christmas season, many retailers seek extra help as stores gear up for the busy period. 


Creative Collage

Did you know that the word "collage" comes from the French verb "coller" which means "to glue"?

This very popular medium is  easily accessible to craft lovers and artists of all ages and skill levels.  You can use newspaper clippings, ribbons, gift wrap, photographs or anything else that appeals to your creative instincts.

The Graveyard Book

Recently I read a children's book just  for a change of pace. Actually, I read a really good review of it and didn't realize when I put it on hold, that it was a children's book. I was pleasantly surprised when it came in for me. I used to read lots of children's material and it felt good to be reading a kid's novel again. This one is called The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It's about a little boy whose

Not Your Typical Crime Tale......

I have long been a fan of Canadian Giles Blunt and his John Cardinal crime series. Blunt is another one of those authors I just know is going to be a good read.

MUGLO (Mac Users Group London Online)

If you are looking for basic introductory information on the Macintosh computer system or you are exploring and questioning more advanced applications be sure to visit MUGLO to meet, greet and ask other Macintosh users about your information needs.

Label It!

Label everyday objects around your house like tables, chairs and doors. Young children will learn to  make the connection between the printed word and the object. This is a critical step to becoming a reader in later years.

Making a Plain Text Resume

Many employers nowadays are asking applicants to submit resumes via email (aka, e-resumes). So, what's the best format to send your resume in? PDF? Word? Word Perfect? A quick answer is whatever format an employer specifies, whether it be Word or PDF. That being said, most employers don't specify a preferred format and if you're not sure, the best kind of resume to send is a plain text copy.