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You Can Heal Your Life

You can control your life!

More on Marian Keyes

Well, I finally finished This Charming Man by Marian Keyes. It was very good but you know, it definitely had a serious side to it. In my last blog post I mentioned she's hilarious (which she is) but Ms. Keyes touched upon some difficult subjects in her novel.... adultery, alcoholism and physical abuse to name a few.

Another Great Read from Michael Connelly

Mickey Haller first appeared in Michael Connelly's 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer. I had followed the Harry Bosch detective series ( 13 up to now ) since 1993 and wasn't too sure about a 'new' character, but was happily proven wrong. Haller is back in The Brass Verdict. The best part? Harry Bosch is featured as well! Defense lawyer Mickey Haller inherits a dead colleague's law practice and with it what could be his

Annual Craft Shows in Ontario

Annual Craft Shows in Ontario
 , a publication put together by the Ontario Crafts Council lists hundreds of craft shows taking place across our province thoughout the year.  The listings are organized chronologically by month.  There are also indices by the date the show opens, by show name, or by city/town if for example you are looking to see what shows are available in London and area.

The guide is also useful for  craftspeople and emerging artists looking to show their work.  Each entry offers contact information, website addresses, application details, fees, etc.

Annual Craft Shows in Ontario is available to consult in

Counting Your Clo's

Counting "clo's" is not related to your diet. In 1941 a "clo" was established as the unit of measure that rated the insulating value of the clothes you wear.

Read to your Child

Read to your child often and in any language. Keep reading to them as long as they are interested, even if they can read on their own. Parents who read to their children regularly with expression and enthusiasm help to build vocabulary and many more important reading skills. Children with good language skills are more likely to do well in school. Best of all is the gift of time spent with a loved one.

Lest we forget...

Each November we take the time to remember those brave individuals who fought in wars, in particular, the First World War. The sacrifices these soldiers made are never taken lightly.  The library has

Navigating Your Way Through London

Do your kids play sports or have a social life? Do you find that you are constantly putting on that chauffeur cap and driving them all over the city - to hockey arenas, baseball diamonds, dance rehearsal, or friend's houses - you name it. 

Exploring Career Options with a B.A.

So, you've graduated from university with a BA and have no idea how to find employment. You can probably guess it's not every day that the newspaper prints a want ad for an artist or poet. When most people find out your major they probably think, "Good luck finding a job", but the truth is, there are a number of career opportunities out there for people with an arts degree.

London Jazz Orchestra

The London Jazz Orchestra will liven up the Wolf Performance Hall Thursday, November 6 at 7:30. Ralph de Luca  directs  the 18 piece stage band. The orchestra will perform popular selections of Big Band, Swing and Jazz music.